Alexia Putellas, a Ballon d’Or based on “effort, perseverance, discipline and knowing how to reinvent herself” | Much to do

Every time Alexia Putellas (Mollet del Vallès, 1994) steps onto a pitch, she does so with security and confidence, two attributes that have allowed her to build a path full of sporting successes and reach football Olympus for the second time in a row. Last Monday the 17th she became the first player with two Golden Balls, the prestigious award that recognizes the best soccer player in the world.

In this video interview of ‘Much to do’, CaixaBank’s project aimed at promoting financial literacy, Putellas shares the keys to her football success, which she also puts into practice in her day-to-day life to deal with the pressure that elite athletes like her often face. “Over time you learn to handle it and understand that it is part of your job,” she explains. “I personally need it to perform at my best.”

To achieve her goals, the Catalan soccer player traces her path and follows it with determination. “It’s not putting on a few days before, or a few weeks before, but working every day for years,” she points out. And to stay at the highest level, Putellas considers it essential that there be “effort, perseverance, discipline and knowing how to reinvent oneself when it’s time”. However, in the trajectory of great achievements of her there are also bad moments. “There always are, in those cases it is important to have the peace of mind of giving one hundred percent and knowing how to adapt to the circumstances,” says the footballer.

Constancy and discipline are not only important in football but also in the day-to-day life of all people. For everything that affects the family economy, financial education and good savings management will allow you to make the best decisions. This is how he explains it in ‘Much to do’ Xavier Puig, Professor of Economics and Business at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona School of Management, during the complementary video to the soccer player’s interview.

CaixaBank Life, the financial culture portal

Like Alexia Putellas, other illustrious people from sports, culture or gastronomy, will spend this year through ‘Much to do’ to tell, through their personal experience, the importance of financial concepts such as entrepreneurship, saving , investment, family economy, indebtedness or bank security. Voices that will be complemented by the vision of finance experts Natalia de Santiago and Xavier Puig.

Together with the ‘Much to do’ programme, CaixaBank has created a hubthrough which it disseminates all the basic financial concepts linked to the most frequent vital projects of the population that can be accessed free of charge through Financial Culture | Individuals | CaixaBank, located within the entity’s global portal. CaixaBank continues to work daily with the aim of disseminating knowledge and making everyone aware of the importance of acquiring a good financial culture. In addition, it promotes training activities that cover the specific needs of young people, the elderly, entrepreneurs or people in vulnerable situations, through specialized workshops, training courses and conferences.

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