last minute | Here is the first statement of PKK terrorist Ahlam Albashir at the prosecutor’s office: ‘Leave the bag and leave’


The statement of the suspect Ahlam Albashir, whose statement was taken by the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Istanbul Terror and Organized Crime Investigation Bureau, was also revealed. Albashir, who stated in his statement that he was a member of the terrorist organization YPG, said, “I was told by the YPG that I should go to Turkey, but I was not told why. We came to Istanbul with Bilal.” Albashir, who said that he went to Taksim 3 times, denied the allegations that he went for ‘discovery’. Explaining that he went to Taksim for a tour, Albashir said, “We went to Taksim for the 4th time with Bilal on the day of the incident. Bilal put snacks in the bag. Then Bilal got a call. He said to me, ‘wait, I will come.’ “While I was waiting, I went into a cosmetics store. I bought mascara from there. I sat on the bank. When I looked at the bag with my hand, there was chips on the top. When I felt it with my hand, there was something soft on the bottom. I thought it was drugs,” he said.

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