4 dead dogs shot with rifle found in Ankara

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According to the information received, a group of animal lovers who went to Imrahor Valley to feed stray dogs encountered 4 dead dogs. Animal lovers, who saw that the dogs were shot and killed with a rifle, reported the situation to the police.

The police, who came to the scene after being informed, searched the area.

The dead dogs were kept for review by the authorities.

Mesut Cantürk, President of the Patili Can Dostlar Association, stated that they saw many traces of hair on the dogs’ bodies and said:

“When we came here, we came across the dead of our 4 children. They were all shot with guns and both of them had their eyes gouged out. They have bull marks all over their bodies. There are probably some injured, or there are people who got injured and died outside the area. We will search here until morning. The crime machine that did this, the murderous spirit. People. A person who kills a creature that is weaker than himself has the potential to kill a child, a woman, a disabled person or an old person.”

Photo courtesy of AA.

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