8 suspects caught in theft of cables from solar power plants in Malatya

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Provincial Police Department Public Security Branch teams started work to catch the suspects, who came from Gaziantep and were determined to have made an unfair profit by stealing cables from 11 solar power plants in the city by the crime organization directed by Ş.B.

The teams determined that the suspects stole a vehicle from Malatya in order not to be deciphered, and that they carried out the theft with these vehicles.

Special teams created examined 1800 hours of footage from 823 security cameras.

With the “Hunter-44” operation, Ş.B, KT, KR, NK, AP, EN, YK and TS were caught red-handed.

In the operation, 11 theft cases in which approximately 6 million lira of material were stolen were also clarified.

The suspects taken into custody were referred to the courthouse after the procedures at the police station.

Photo courtesy of AA.

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