Disaster downhill… Last minute: The bike that didn’t hold the brake cut Muhammet out of life!

13-year-old Muhammet Enes Kös, who could not hold the brake of his bicycle in the Sapanca district of Sakarya, could not stop and hit the wall of a shop.

According to the news of DHA, the child, who was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, died despite all the interventions.


The incident took place in Sapanca Göl Neighborhood last night. Muhammet Enes Kös, who was going downhill with his bike, crashed into a shop wall as a result of his brakes failing. Upon the notification of those who saw that the child was injured, the emergency medical team came to the area.

The child, who was determined to be seriously injured, was taken to Sapanca State Hospital by ambulance. Muhammet Enes Kös died despite all the interventions of the doctors. Police launched an investigation into the incident.

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