Legal deadline to apply chips to pets has expired, abandonment on the street has increased

According to the Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Identification and Registration of Cats, Dogs and Ferrets by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, it has been made obligatory to wear chips for cats, dogs and ferrets living at home. With the Microchip application, the pet’s name, passport number, species, breed, gender, color, date of birth, name of the owner of the animal, the province, district and neighborhood information of the animal and the person who can be reached in an emergency are recorded in the PetVet Registration System (PETVET). With the microchip numbers of the identified pets, vaccination information, change of owner, loss status and information about the operations performed on the animal are recorded. Pet owners, who do not have their pets microchip, will pay 3 thousand 469 TL per animal as of January 1, 2023. In places where a chip cannot be found, the application will be carried out when the pet owner fills out a declaration at the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture and Forestry or the veterinarian and the chip is reached.


Emre Demir, President of the One Paw for Every House Association in Bursa, said that there has been an increase in the number of pets released into nature due to the end of the chip application period. Demir said, “The density experienced in the PETVET system recently and some problems we have experienced have emerged. This is what we NGOs have wanted from the very beginning. There are also people who do not register and give up on these friends. There was a very serious abandonment of endangered races, especially on January 14 last year. In our opinion, these are not dangerous. We say it every time. Now it’s a pity. “The friends living in the houses are being abandoned. While 20-30 friends come to our garden in normal months, it is now based on the 80-90s,” he said.


Demir pointed out that the lives of pets are at risk with sweating on the street.

“When you look at it, most of these are animals that could not be born and raised on the street, that were somehow bought and then abandoned. It is very difficult for them to live not on the streets, but even in shelters. Even we can have difficulties. Because these friends who are taken care of at home have the same feeling. They inevitably experience that feeling of abandonment. “They don’t eat, they can get sick. We try to overcome them with our experience, but as a result, being abandoned hurts every living thing,” he said.


Stating that many animal owners could not perform the application within the allotted time due to the lack of chips, Demir said:

“The time is over. Maybe we think that this process should be extended in the future. Because there were many people who could not catch up. Unfortunately, there were new report card and chip problems in many private clinics. Declarations were filled in people. Virtual scorecards were created. We think that both parties are prepared for this. These report cards could have been printed in greater numbers. People could easily register with this system. This creates a serious grievance. We think that this period should be extended again in order to eliminate this grievance. We think that the authorities will definitely make a comeback. We think that our friends should not be bought. , we think that they should be nested. If they want to adopt a pet, we recommend that they go to the nearest shelter. Besides neutering, registering animals is a huge step. These animals are unhappy when abandoned, they do not eat. We do not want these. We do not want pets because of the chip This may have been due to the fact that many of those who left Turkey did not trust themselves in this sense. The subject of material possessions can also be shown as a reason for abandonment. These are a big factor. I understand these abandoning pet owners want to avoid responsibility as well.”

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