Lula da Silva sworn in as Brazil’s new President

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In Brazil, left-wing ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who won the second round of the presidential election on October 31, 2022, was sworn in in parliament.

After saluting the public in an open car with his wife Rosangela da Silva, Silva proceeded to the parliament building where the swearing-in ceremony would take place. In the session, a minute’s silence was held due to the death of Emerit Pope Benedict XVI and legendary football player Pele.

In his oath speech, Silva pledged to rebuild Brazil, saying, “I promise to protect, defend and abide by the Constitution. I promise to support the good of all Brazilian people and to walk the path of unity, integrity and independence.” used the phrase.

According to the news of AA; Stating that they will maintain an active dialogue with the USA, EU and China, Silva said, “The eyes of the world were on us in the elections, from now on we will be in more alliances to have more power. Brazil should be the master of its destiny and a sovereign country.” said.


Emphasizing that there is a lot of insecurity in the country, Silva said, “Brazil does not want its people to have guns in their hands, and there is no need. We need culture, books to be a more just country. There is no point in importing fuel and other materials. Brazil is at the forefront of the international economy. should take place.” he said.

Drawing attention to the situation in the Amazon forests, Silva said, “Our goal is to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions in the Amazon and we will live without cutting it. We will condemn all injustices committed against indigenous peoples.” said.

Pointing to the economic situation in the country, Silva promised to save 33 million people from hunger and 100 million from poverty.

Silva is expected to address the public after the presidential sash is presented to him at the Planalto Palace.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu from Turkey, King of Spain IV. Felipe, President of Argentina Alberto Fernández, President of Bolivia Luis Arce, President of Colombia Gustavo Petro, President of Paraguay Mario Abdo Benitez, President of Uruguay Luis Lacalle, President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and diplomatic representatives of many states. .

It was shared that after the official ceremonies, Silva will hold a reception in honor of the participants at the Itamaraty Palace.

Silva, who is the only head of state to rule Brazil for a third time, will serve until 2027.


Lula da Silva, 77, who served two terms as Brazil’s president in 2003-2010, was imprisoned for one and a half years due to corruption cases brought against him, and entered the presidential race again after the cases were dropped.

With his unionist roots, Lula da Silva, who was the first president of the Labor Party, won the love of the people by helping about 30 million Brazilians get out of poverty thanks to the social benefits he implemented.

Lula da Silva stood out as a popular leader until he stepped down as president on December 31, 2010, but was overshadowed by corruption allegations against him and his party in 2011.

The conviction of Lula da Silva, who was imprisoned for 580 days due to corruption cases, prevented the far-right Jair Bolsonaro from being a candidate in the 2018 elections.

Released in November 2019, Lula da Silva’s convictions and corruption cases were dropped in 2021 by the Supreme Court, which ruled that the judge in charge of these cases, Sergio Moro, was biased and political in the cases, paving the way for his election.

Meanwhile, Sergio Moro, who served as Minister of Justice in the Bolsonaro government from January 1, 2019 to April 24, 2020, resigned due to the disagreement between them.

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