Martyr Commissioner Uyar was buried

On the Milas-Yatağan highway in Muğla the previous day, the car under the command of Commissioner Yunus Üstün, who was in charge of the Muğla Provincial Security Directorate Public Security Branch Directorate, deviated from the road and rolled into the field. Health and police teams were dispatched to the region upon the notification of the people to the 112 Emergency Call Center. In the control carried out by the medical teams, Commissioner Ekrem Uyar, who was working in the Muğla Provincial Security Directorate Public Security Branch, became a martyr at the scene.

A farewell ceremony was held in front of the Muğla Provincial Police Department building for the martyr of duty Ekrem Uyar. Muğla Governor Orhan Tavlı, Muğla Chief Public Prosecutor Oğuzhan Dönmez, Muğla Provincial Police Chief Süleyman Suvat Dilberoğlu, Muğla Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Ali Gemalmaz and his colleagues attended Uyar’s funeral. At the funeral of Martyr Uyar, tears flooded. The cries of his parents were heartbreaking. Martyr Uyar’s coffin was sent to his hometown, Aydın’s Çine district, with tears and prayers on his colleagues’ shoulders.

Martyr Commissioner Uyar, Muğla Governor Orhan Tavlı, Aydın Governor Hüseyin Aksoy, Deputy Minister of Interior Prof. Dr. He was sent off to eternity in Çine Kızılgüney District with a ceremony attended by Tayyip Sabri Erdil and Chief of Police Mehmet Aktaş. Muğla Governor Orhan Tavlı and Aydın Governor Hüseyin Aksoy paid a condolence visit to Uyar’s family.

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