Minister Soylu entered the new year on Mount Tendürek

Minister Soylu, who came to Van yesterday evening, went to the base area on Tendürek Mountain, within the borders of Çaldıran district, with his entourage. Minister Soylu, who opened the modular base area here, also met with the gendarmes on duty.

After President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s address by teleconference, Minister Soylu called the families of the soldiers and congratulated them on their new year, stating that Tendürek Mountain was cleared of terrorism years later and said that the widest possibilities of technology were used in the base area they opened. Minister Soylu said, “Exactly 100 years ago, seven heirs, the imperialists tried to invade this country. Praise be to Allah, our ancestors who said ‘either independence or izmihlal’ left us a great legacy. We are grateful and grateful to them. Today, with the legacy he left us, there is an Anatolia that is the hope of the world, and a Turkey that is the hope of the world,” he said.

Minister Soylu, who spent time at the fire with his companions, recited the verse “Crack Sodom Gomore, blow Byzantium and Rome” in Necip Fazıl Kısakürek’s poem “Epic”, had breakfast with the gendarmes on the first day of the new year and had a photo taken against Mount Ararat.

Minister Soylu is expected to pass from the region to Şırnak. Minister Soylu was accompanied by Van Governor and Deputy Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ozan Balcı, Gendarmerie General Commander General Arif Çetin, Van Gendarmerie Public Security Corps Commander Major General Aykut Tanrıverdi, Van Police Chief Atanur Aydın and Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Hüseyin Bekmez.

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