New Year’s celebrations in the Netherlands were eventful

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In a written statement made by the Dutch police, it was stated that 12 police officers were injured and dozens of people were detained in the capital, The Hague, due to the events that broke out during the New Year celebrations across the country.

Despite being banned in the country, it was emphasized that the police and fire brigade intervened in the events, in the statement that vehicles and buildings were damaged in the fires that broke out in the celebrations where many people used fireworks.

In the written statement made by the Dutch fire department, it was shared that 3,833 fire reports were made during the events last night, and that 134 of them were related to house fires, 724 to garbage containers and 1832 to vehicle fires.

It was stated that a historical church in the village of Veghel and the primary school in Amsterdam were burned down, and 24 people with eye injuries were taken to the Rotterdam Eye Hospital.

Dilan Yeşilgöz, Minister of Justice and Security, tweeted: “It is pointless to attack those working for aid with illegal fireworks. Many security guards were injured. They will not go unanswered.” he shared.

Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema has called for a national ban on fireworks after the events unfolded.

12 municipalities in the Netherlands have banned the use of fireworks in New Year’s Eve celebrations on the grounds that they endanger public safety.


During the celebrations in Rotterdam, racist expressions reflected on the Erasmus Bridge with light caused disturbance in the country.

It was reported that an investigation was launched because of the new year messages projected on the bridge, “White lives are precious”, “Happy white year 2023” and “We must secure the existence of our people and the future of white children”.

Minister Yeşilgöz commented that the racist expressions reflected on the Erasmus Bridge were “disturbing” and said, “Racist rhetoric is unacceptable and has no place in our country. Police are investigating the incident.” made its assessment.

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