Orhan, who was accidentally shot by his cousin, died 10 days later.

Orhan Yılmaz went to visit his cousin Bekir Yılmaz’s shop in the incident that took place in the antique shop located on Ulaşbaba Street in the central Selçuklu district, Feritpaşa Mahallesi, on the evening of 22 December. While Bekir Yılmaz was trying to give the gun he had taken out at his cousin’s request, the gun fired and shot Orhan Yılmaz in the chest. Yılmaz, who was taken to Konya Numune Hospital, lost his 10-day struggle for life today.

Mehmet Ç, who was at work with Bekir Yılmaz after the incident. (42) and Ali Rıza Y. (44) were taken into custody. Bekir Yılmaz was arrested on charges of ‘deliberately attempting to kill’, while the other two suspects were released with a judicial control decision.

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