We didn’t raise the white flag, we showed the enemy our blue yellow flag.

In his address to the nation, Zelenski praised his country’s struggle after the war that started on February 24, 2022, saying, “It is impossible to forget. It is impossible to forgive. But it is possible to win.” Zelenski said, “We woke up on February 24. To another life. As other people. As other Ukrainians. We saw who is who. We saw what friends and enemies can do, and most importantly, what we can do. On February 24, millions of us made a choice. White flag “We did not run away and united. We met the enemy, we resisted and we fought,” he said.


“We were stunned by the explosions on February 24. We were told that we had no choice but to surrender. We say we have no choice but to win. We overcame the panic. We did not escape, we united. We overcame doubts, despair and fear. We believed in ourselves and in our strength,” Zelenski said. .

Emphasizing that 2022 is not the ‘year of losses’ for Ukraine, Zelenski said, “This year can be called a year of loss for Ukraine, for the whole of Europe and for the whole world. But this is wrong. We should not say that. We lost nothing. It was taken from us. The men of Ukraine and “He didn’t lose his women, they were killed by murderers. Ukrainians did not lose their homes, they were destroyed by terrorists. We did not lose our lands, they were occupied by invaders. The world did not lose peace, Russia destroyed it,” he said.


Expressing that he wishes 2023 to be the year of return for Ukraine, Zelenski continued his words as follows:

“Let this year be the year of return. The return of our people. The return of the soldiers to their families. The return of the prisoners to their homes, the return of the immigrants to their Ukraine. The return of our lands. Our temporarily occupied lands will be free forever. Return to normal life. Return to happy moments without curfews. Let there be a return to earthly joys without air raid sirens. Let there be a return to what has been stolen from us.”

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