EMRA Chairman Yılmaz: Our renewable energy sources will now operate like base load power plants

Following the secondary legislation changes published in the Official Gazette dated November 19, EMRA started to receive applications within the framework of storage electricity generation.

Investors who undertake to establish a storage facility can apply for a pre-license to EMRA, without any competition, to establish a wind and solar power plant as much as the storage capacity they will establish.

Making evaluations on the subject, Mustafa Yılmaz, Head of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, stated that although the total capacity to be allocated is around 30 thousand megawatts, they encountered extraordinary interest from the sector.

Emphasizing that he believes there will be a major investment breakthrough in the renewable energy sector in the 100th anniversary of the Republic, Yılmaz said, “I have emphasized it before. With battery storage, our renewable energy resources will now operate like base load power plants. We will both include more domestic-renewable capacity in the system and increase the capacity available. We will strengthen our supply security by increasing

Stating that a record number of applications were received by EMRA in the last 40 days and the applications continue, Yılmaz said that although the total capacity that can be allocated is around 30 thousand megawatts; For now, it has reported that 2 thousand 753 applications have been made with an installed power of 164 thousand 200 megawatts.


Yilmaz continued:

“Of these applications, 1,542 applications with an installed power of 72 thousand 400 megawatts are applications for solar energy-based storage electricity generation. 1,211 applications with an installed power of 91 thousand 800 megawatts are applications within the framework of a storage electricity generation facility based on wind energy. The total investment value of these applications is approximately 230 billion dollars. As we said before, considering the current capacity, we expect 40-45 billion dollars of this amount to be reflected in the field.”


EMRA continues its evaluations regarding the applications. After the evaluation process is completed, the applications that are evaluated will be sent to the General Directorate of TEİAŞ in order to make a capacity allocation according to the application order and provided that they are complete. Applications for which capacity is allocated will be submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for technical evaluation.

Pre-license will be given by EMRA if they fulfill other obligations from the investors who apply for capacity.

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