He defrauded by pretending to be a “police”… This is how the usurper fake policeman was caught

A “Qualified Fraud” and “Looting” investigation was opened in Fatih, Istanbul. Three foreign nationals; He was defrauded in the same way in the Fatih District of the Messiah Pasha and Kemal Pasha Neighborhoods and it was determined that three thousand 200 dollars were extorted from the three victims. Iranian national ST (28), who was found to have confiscated the victims’ money by disguising himself as a “police”, tried to escape by taxi when he realized that the police were following him. ST was caught during the chase and taken into custody. ST, who was sent to the courthouse for the crimes of “Qualified Fraud, Extortion (Looting), Falsification in the Preparation of Official Documents and Endangerment of Traffic Safety”, was arrested and placed in prison.

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