Luxury boat sank in Bebek

The luxury boat, which was moored at the pier in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, sank due to an undetermined reason. After the water in the boat was drained, it was rescued with the help of a crane after a long period of work.


Photo: DHA

Photo: DHA

The incident occurred yesterday at around 17.30 in Bebek District, Bebek Beach. The 15-meter luxury boat named Aran, anchored at the pier, started to take on water for an unknown reason.


Photo: UAV

Photo: UAV

According to the news of DHA; Work was started to salvage the sinking ship in about an hour. The water filled into the boat, which was pulled out of the water with the help of a crane, was evacuated.

The reason why the boat sank will be determined after the investigation.

*The first photo of the news was served by İHA.

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