Sivasspor-Galatasaray referees Erkan Özdamar and Özgüç Türkalp’s fate becomes clear

The Central Arbitration Committee will share the report after the event in the Sivasspor-Galatasaray match with the TFF Management tomorrow. TFF administrators, who requested a detailed report on the decision to cancel the goal in the competition, will make a statement after the evaluation they will make tomorrow. Both Galatasaray and Fenerbahce requested that the VAR records of the goal, which was canceled due to offside, be shared. However, it was noted that the announcement of the VAR records of the match was not on the agenda. Referee Erkan Özdamar and VAR referee Özgüç Türkalp, submit additional reports to MHK While presenting, both names are the President of MHK. He met with Sabri Celik. Now the eyes will be on the decision… While the middle referee Özdamar is expected to be withdrawn for a while, it has been reported that the agreement of VAR referee Türkalp will be terminated. It has been learned that a committee to be appointed by the TFF will listen to the recordings and present a separate report.

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