What is BOTAŞ abbreviation? What does BOTAŞ stand for, what is its abbreviation, what does BOTAŞ do, what does it mean, what are its duties and in which provinces?

BOTAŞ is a company established in Ankara on 15 August 1974 by Turkish Petroleum Corporation. This organization has two titles as oil and natural gas and deals with the subjects under this title.


Abbreviations are used frequently around the world. Many people also wonder what abbreviations mean. BOTAŞ is among the abbreviations whose meaning is curious. The meaning of the abbreviation BOTAŞ is “Petroleum Transport Joint Stock Company”.


BOTAŞ, which stands for “Pipelines and Petroleum Transport Joint Stock Company”, is one of the largest corporations in Turkey, and is an Economic Public Institution established in Turkey on August 15, 1974. The founder of this organization appears before us as Turkish Petroleum Corporation. BOTAŞ, whose head office is located in Ankara Bilkent, the capital of our country, is registered in the name of Turkey Wealth Fund Joint Stock Company, whose capital is TL 1.83 billion. It is also an Economic Public Institution that has been subject to the Decree Law No. 233. BOTAŞ is under two main headings: oil and natural gas. BOTAŞ deals with gas import, export, storage, transmission, wholesale sales, as well as LNG trading and oil transmission activities, which are defined in the natural gas market today.


According to the last census, our citizens are wondering what kind of business BOTAŞ does, which has 2836 employees. BOTAŞ is an institution that provides services and employment in many fields today. This institution actively operates in the fields of oil and gas pipeline construction and its operation, natural gas and LNG storage and their trading, LNG and FSRU terminal operation, port services and international natural gas transportation projects.


The duties of BOTAŞ, which stands for “Petroleum Transport Joint Stock Company”, which is one of the largest companies in Turkey, can be listed as follows:

  • Construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines
  • Natural gas and LNG storage and trade
  • LNG and FSRU terminals operation
  • port services
  • Creating international natural gas transportation projects

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