Urgent expropriation decisions in energy – Economy News

Presidential Decisions on the subject were published in the Official Gazette.

Accordingly, for the construction of the “Akhan Un GES Energy Transmission Line” to be established within the borders of Mersin province, the electricity distribution facility locations on the immovables that fall on the said route are to be expropriated immediately by the General Directorate of Turkey Electricity Distribution Inc. by establishing the easement right of the line safety areas. It was decided.

In addition, for the purpose of the Bozkurt-Çardak Districts Natural Gas Pipeline Project and Yunak RMS Natural Gas Connection Line Project, the construction of the immovables that fall on the mentioned routes and the fixed facilities, access roads, energy transmission lines, cathodic protection lines and anode beds to be built within the scope of these projects. It was decided to expropriate the immovables needed for the purpose of urgent expropriation by the General Directorate of Pipelines and Petrol Transport Inc. by establishing ownership or permanent/temporary easement.

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